7 Best Dog Shedding Brush for Your French Bulldog

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What Best Dog Shedding Brush for French Bulldog do you know? Read more on the blog to discover the Best Dog Shedding Brush for French Bulldog.

The well-loved French Bulldog is a medium-sized dog popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

But contrary to the notion that they’re hypoallergenic pets, they actually shed.

These dogs have thick, single-coat fur. This means that they lack a softer undercoat.

They violently shed only once or twice a year, and mostly during warmer seasons.

On regular days, they leave small amounts of hair on their beds and in areas where they usually hang out, which is normal.

Dogs are meant to lose dead hair and grow new ones.

In some cases though, shedding may be caused by poor health and diet, sunburn, pregnancy, self-induced trauma like excessive biting and scratching.

If you want to lessen it, you can start by grooming them with a shedding brush. What are the benefits of using this?

More importantly, what products should you consider when it comes to selecting the best dog shedding brush for French Bulldog? We answer all your questions below.

best dog shedding brush for french bulldog
best dog shedding brush for french bulldog

Grooming perks for your Frenchie

When you’re dealing with a shedding French Bulldog, it’s best to bathe them first to keep their fur shiny and healthy.

This step is also important when your dog has a skin condition that needs to be treated.

Pro-tip for fussy dogs

Be sure to keep them calm before the bath. You can also bait them to into going in the tub with a treat or two, and slowly introduce them to the water.

After a bath, make sure to reward them. This will hopefully keep them at bay and make them less afraid of water in the future.

Only the best dog shedding brush for french bulldog will do

We treat our French Bulldogs and other pets like our own babies. So, we don’t want to use items that will harm them in any way, or won’t work as efficiently as we expected.

We’ve listed down the 7 best shedding brushes you can consider buying online for grooming your French Bulldogs.

[1] Furminator Short Hair deShedding Tool for Dogs

This FURminator is made with a stainless steel de-shedding edge with thin bristles for removing any loose hair.

Plus, these bristles won’t scratch or bruise their skin. Its brush comes in various sizes from extra small to giant, catering to dogs of every size.

For French Bulldogs, you can use a small brush when they’re puppies, and move on up to a medium once they’ve grown up.

This also has a FURejector button, which lets you release the clumps of hair that has gathered on the bristles and throw them in a trash bin.

No need to worry about stray hairs messing up your carpets!

[2] Groomist Double Sided Ball Tip Pin and Bristle Brush for Dogs

If you want to give your French Bulldog a massage while removing loose hairs, you can use this pair of de-shedding gloves.

It has soft rubber pins that let you gently brush away hair and dirt from your dog’s body.

As you run your hand on the fur, the loose hair will stick to the glove and you can easily dispose of it after each grooming. You can also use this tool after bathing your Frenchie.

[3] Highland Farms Select Wood Groom Brush

This dog deshedding brush comes with an ergonomic wooden handle that fits in the palm of your hand.

It has stainless steel bristles that are not too sharp and will not hurt your French Bulldog.

The thin bristles will help remove small dust particles that are hiding in their fur.

It will also allow you to sift through their fur to see if they have any hidden allergies and skin conditions, so you can treat them immediately.

[4] KONG ZoomGroom Dog Grooming Toy

If you’re not a fan of stainless steel bristles, try this one from KONG ZoomGroom.

It has rubber bristles to stimulate your French Bulldog’s skin and encourage natural oil production.

This will ensure that their coat is shiny and healthy. If you use this during baths, the loose hairs will easily stick to the brush and won’t go down the drain.

[5] Home-X Multi-Purpose Pet Hair Removal Brush

Another rubber brush you can use is this one by Home-X. It has flexible bristles, which create an electrostatic charge that attracts loose hair.

It can also remove dirt, lint, and dust on your French Bulldog’s fur. You can also use this to remove dog hairs in your furniture, which is perfect if you easily get allergies.

[6] FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs

The Curry Comb is best for dogs with short and medium coats. It has moulded rubber teeth that serve as a massager to stimulate natural oil production and also works to remove dust and loose hair on your French Bulldog.

The bristles are gentle enough to glide on sensitive skin and can untangle mats if there are any.

It also has a strap and ergonomic handle so it’s snug in the palm of your hand as you brush the fur.

[7] Paws Pamper Boar Bristle and Pin Brush for Dogs

Many French Bulldog owners prefer using boar bristle brushes to remove loose hair and reduce shedding altogether— and for good reason, too.

The soft bristle tips will easily glide on your dog’s body without irritating their skin.

It also gathers the hair in clumps on the bristles, making it easier for you to dispose of them.

The brush also has a pin bristle side, which works as a relaxing massager for your dog.

How often should you use the dog shedding brush?

Here are some bonus items for all the French Bulldog owners out there, especially those who are allergic to fur (or live with someone who hates fur in general).

Aside from shedding brushes, you can also get yourself a vacuum or lint roller to clean your surroundings with.

We suggest doing it after you’ve bathed them. But if you see loose hair sticking out, especially during their shedding season in the summer, you can do a quick run-through with your brush.

Allot at least 15 minutes of your day to give your dog the pamper and massage session they deserve whilst removing the pesky hairs that might mess up your home.

The lint roller is especially useful because it comes in various sizes and you can use it on fabric surfaces.

Run this tool through your couch, bed sheets, and your French Bulldog’s area to gather their loose hair.

If you like cuddling with them on a regular basis, you can use the roller on your clothes, too.

You don’t want to walk around with stray dog hair on your shirt, especially if it’s in a dark hue.

Meanwhile, vacuums will ensure that your rooms are spic and span. Make sure you have one that can reach nooks and crannies in your home because that’s where fur can easily gather up.

We suggest cleaning your home a few times every week so you won’t miss any spot that might be hiding stray fur balls.

Now that you know which shedding tools you can use on your French Bulldog, we hope you can invest in them. After all, your dogs deserve only the best.

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