Teacup French Bulldog: Small Cute French Bulldogs

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teacup french bulldog

Who wouldn’t love a teacup French bulldog? I love having one. They are a perfect companion as they are loyal and lovable. They may seem small cute French bulldogs, but for me, they are big enough as part of my family.

History of Teacup French Bulldog

There are different opinions about when and where was the teacup French bulldog originated. But it is said to be in England during the year 1800s. The mini French bulldog is brought by the lace workers to France to find a better living. And not long after that, the Parisians had taken admiration from these dogs because of their cute size.

Later on, the French started importing this teacup French bulldog from England. In the mid-year of the 1800s, their popularity in England decreased but had been popular in the country of France. With the dogs being fashionable, the high society aristocrats and artists bought the dogs.

The Characteristics of teacup French bulldog

The teacup French bulldog appearance has a smooched face and wide round grumpy look. They also have a bat-shaped and an alert ear. They can grow around 11-13 inches tall, and a teacup French bulldog weighs around 16 to 28 pounds when fully grown.

The teacup French bulldog comes in different colors, which some of its color variations are rare. The common colors of these dogs are brindle, fawn, and white. At the same time, its unique color is blue, chocolate brindle, cream, blue sable, sable, and purple-black.

Training the teacup French bulldog

One most important training that you should teach for your teacup French bulldog is socialization. It is because they can be stubborn and don’t want to socialize. It can also be aggressive to people and other pets not familiar to them. But they can be lovable and patient. As advised by the vet, this teacup French bulldog should be trained as early as they are 14 weeks old.

The lifespan of a teacup French bulldog

Most of the teacup French bulldog lifespan lasts for about 11 to 14 years. But they can live longer, more than that, especially if you will take care of them properly.

Teacup French bulldog temperament

The teacup French bulldog is a very affectionate and patient type of companion dog. They can sometimes go through separation anxiety once they have been left by themselves for too long. They don’t bark that much, but they are quite talkative as their nature. Instead of barking, they usually prefer to do yawns, gargles, and yips. The time that they barked is when they don’t get the attention that they long for.  With this characteristic, they are perfect for pet owners who are living in an apartment. The teacup French bulldog is great in adapting to any place and to anybody that treats them well and right.

If you are considering to have one, the only thing you need to do is to treat them well, give the attention that they need. Teacup French bulldog can also easily change their loyalty once they find that person trustee than you. I know you can’t even resist how funny and lovable they are. Another great about teacup French bulldog is aside from being a wonderful pet, and they are also great baby sitters. They are good for kids and to the entire family. They can be a great companion of your kids when you need to go out. You can bring them along for a walk because they are behaving well and calm.

Taking care of your teacup French bulldog

Knowing the facts of how adorable and a great companion, a teacup French bulldog is, the more we should also take care of them. Here follow some things that you should remember to take care of them properly.

  • Clean their folds

The folds of the teacup French bulldog are dark and moist, and it easily collects dust, dirt, and food leftovers. Once it was not properly cleaned, it can easily cause an infection to develop.

  • Clean their ear

The wide-opened bat ear of the teacup French bulldog is unique from other types of dogs. However, those ears are also wide-opened for dirt, dust, and more. So, make sure to clean it, too.

  • Regular bath

Talking about taking care of the teacup French bulldog, a regular bath is also a must. But also remember that most of this type of dog has sensitive skin and is prone to allergies. See to it to use the correct cosmetic for them.

  • Grooming

Regular grooming is a must for Teacup French bulldog even though they do not shed that much. You can use some grooming gloves and brushes to do the grooming.

  • Feed them the right amount

Even though food is life, we should prevent our dog from becoming obese. You should serve the right amount of food, depending on the right amount your dog should have. Make sure also to help them the right dog food and nutrient they should take.

  • Nail trimming

Regular nail trimming is also a must to prevent any serious issues.

  • Tail pocket cleaning

The tail of the teacup French bulldog can also be targeted with different tail issues or infections. So, it would help if you were the owner clean its tail after they go on a potty. Simple wet wipes or wet cloth are good enough to clean it.

  • Use harness

Though the teacup French bulldog is great to bring along, using a harness is essential for you to have them controlled even as you let them walk. Also, make sure that they don’t stay too long in cool and in the direct heat of the sun.


Overall, the teacup French bulldog is good to be an addition to your family. If you are seeking for a cute, lovable dog companion, the Teacup French Bulldog is best to have. However, they are also an expensive breed in which money is a factor that you should also consider.  And since they are very subtle and prone to illnesses, a regular visit to a veterinary would cost you. Nonetheless, surely, your dog’s health is maintained.


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