Can French Bulldogs Breed Naturally?

Can French Bulldogs breed naturally? Read More on the Blog to discover why we came to the answer that French Bulldogs cannot breed naturally!

The Frenchie is a small muscular dog with bat ears and a squished-like face, it is also notorious for its inability to breed.

I bet everyone has heard of French Bulldogs or “Frenchies” at least once in their lives.

These dogs might be tiny, but they sure have a special seat in people’s hearts.

Can French Bulldogs breed naturally
Can French Bulldogs breed naturally

So, can French Bulldogs breed naturally?

Before we take a deeper look on the topic, let’s define what we mean by breeding.

It can take two meanings: the ability to copulate or have sexual intercourse, and the ability to give birth.

Taking both definitions of breeding into consideration, the short answer is no. French Bulldogs cannot breed naturally. But it isn’t all that simple.

Technically, all existing dog breeds can breed naturally like all other mammals.

But for some dog breeds, it’s extremely difficult and risky. This is especially true for French Bulldogs.

Further on, we will look at several factors and pieces of evidence that will support our answer.

One of the biggest factors is the physique of Frenchies. Let’s have a closer look at their physical appearance.


French Bulldogs usually have a compact, muscular appearance. The upper portion of their body above their forefeet are bigger than the lower portion.

They have a single short coat that comes in different shades of fawn, brindle, or white with patches. The type of their coat plus their shortened noses make Frenchies prone to heat stroke.

When you combine all these physical factors, you get a hint as to why the answer to “Can French Bulldogs breed naturally?” is no. It’s difficult for French Bulldogs to copulate because of their hips.

They have slimmer hips compared to the upper portion of their body. This makes it hard for males to mount females. Although it might be possible, it would be very difficult.

Copulation can also lead to a Frenchie overheating. Due to their short noses and short coat, they are very sensitive to heat. They can’t regulate their temperatures easily.

French Bulldogs not only have difficulty in copulating, but also in giving birth naturally.

This is mainly because the puppies’ heads are too big to get through the birth canal.

Pushing through with a “natural” birth for Frenchies could harm both the bitch and her puppies.

Their litter sizes are small, ranging at around 2-4 puppies.


French Bulldogs were a cross of dwarf bulldogs from England and ratter breeds like terriers from France.

They became common around the 1950s. On the other side of the world, lace workers from Nottingham were already using this breed as ratters.

When the Industrial Revolution forced them out of Nottingham, they moved to France.

Their dogs came with them and they introduced the breed to France. It rapidly became popular. Then, the export of the breed began.

What breeders produced, specialist exporters exploited. Their terrier roots brought in the bat-like shape of their ears. The breed became so popular that it established its own breed name and distinct characteristics.

Sadly, while looking for the “perfect” toy bulldog, irresponsible breeders also bred a lot of health issues.

Brachycephalic breeds like French Bulldogs suffer a lot of respiratory problems. Sometimes, they even require surgery just to open their nostrils.

However, times are changing, and people are taking steps to solve these problems.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, we can confidently answer the question. Can French Bulldogs breed naturally?

The answer is no. But this doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of the lovable Frenchies.

We can still breed them through Artificial Insemination and Cesarean section operations.

French Bulldogs still make great companions. The Frenchies’ inability to breed naturally doesn’t make them any less of a worthy companion.

If you’re looking at adopting yourself one soon, use this book to help you care for your Frenchie.

Amazon also offers quality dog food, toys, and other accessories for your French Bulldog.

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