Dog Harness For French Bulldog

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Dogs are adorable and we just love him so much. Dogs are truly man’s best friend and really members of the family. The bond that’s formed between a human and his dog is unmistakable. That bond begins from the very first time we set eyes on them as a puppy.

You immediately fall in love with the little furry bundle of joy. In many respects, it’s similar to the bond that we as humans form with our infant children. When we first set eyes on that little, precious, fragile, human being, it literally rips the heart right out of our chest. You can’t help but immediately fall in love with the little bundle of joy.

The same thing applies to the bond we form with our dogs beginning when they’re just puppies. And it’s a bond that lasts for a lifetime. It builds trust with your best friend over time that’s unbreakable. From the dog’s infancy to adulthood that bond it’s forever increasing and growing.

And with that bonding comes a responsibility to care for and provide for our animal friends just like we would for our loved ones. Providing a loving nurturing and healthy environment for the dog becomes a major priority. And that involves everything from ensuring our pet is growing up in a healthy and loving environment. To providing the right nutrition and other resources to ensure our best friend grows up in the perfect environment.

One aspect of that is ensuring that they have access to healthy and nourishing food. As well as other items such as leashes to ensure our furry friends are protected and properly restrained when taking them for walks or leisurely strolls.

The leash harness hybrid is really popular with many animal lovers. In this particular article, we will focus on the French Bulldog and what the best harness would be for this particular dog breed.

Dog Harness For French Bulldog

The Origins Of The French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are an adorable breed. And although bearing the french title the French Bulldog does not necessarily have French origins. The French Bulldog actually descended from British stock. They are actually British bulldogs.

Until the sport was outlawed in 1835 French Bulldogs were actually used for bull-baiting. As a result of bull-baiting being outlawed people began to breed smaller bulldogs. These became popular in some parts of Britain. Any bulldogs that were considered too small or with faults were eventually sent to France by British breeders. Trading these smaller bulldogs became popular as the breed became more fashionable. Ratters in Paris we’re eventually bred with the smaller bulldogs and this was eventually considered a breed.

Anatomy Of The French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have muscular builds, big heads with soft wrinkly skin forming on the forehead and brow, wide bodies and heavy bone structure.


French Bulldogs are athletic, alert, patient, bright, playful, sociable, and lively.


French Bulldogs range anywhere from 16 to 24 pounds for females. And around 20 to 28 lbs for males. And average about 11 to 12 inches in length.

Best Harness For A French Bulldog

There are a few different varieties and types of French Bulldog harnesses. Finding the best harness to fit your needs depends on what you feel is best for your dog. If you’re simply looking to restrain your dog to ensure he or she doesn’t get loose and darts into oncoming traffic then probably any French Bulldog harness will suffice.

But if you’re looking for a harness that will ensure you’re lovable Frenchie is comfortable and secure while being restrained then you’ll probably want to consider purchasing a padded harness. This will ensure your French Bulldog is safe and comfy at the same time. You shouldn’t encounter any difficulty finding a bulldog harness that suits your needs.

As there are many brands from different merchants available online. You just have to determine whether you just want to ensure your dog is securely restrained or both comfortable and securely restrained. You can also purchase padded leather harnesses which will address both the strength and comfortability issues.

French Bulldog Harness Sizes For Puppies And Adults

25-45cm around the chest is probably the harness size you will need for smaller French Bulldogs. And around  50-80 cm for the larger French Bulldogs.

Leash Pulling

One drawback with French bulldogs, or any dog, is that they can be obsessed with pulling on the leash. This is a behavioral problem that can be rectified through proper training of the dog. Although some have speculated that dogs pull on the leash because they are obsessed with being the leader of the pack, that is a common misconception, when in reality, most dogs pull on the leash because they are untrained.

Any form of negative behavior that the dog exhibits if allowed to continue will persist. Just like training any other dog or disciplining a child, you have to have zero tolerance for improper behavior. Don’t get discouraged when this type of behavior happens. It’s normal. But with consistent disciplining and correction, you’ll be able to rectify the problem.

No pull harnesses are a type of harness that’s used to correct the problem. If all else fails with your efforts at working to discipline your dog, no-pull harnesses are normally the last resort. And are a great way to resolve the issue. They are usually used when you have exhausted all other efforts at working to correct the problem.

Just like any other behavioral issue whether it’s biting, being destructive, jumping on people, relieving itself in places it shouldn’t, and so on, disciplining the animal is the solution. But don’t expect results overnight, correctly, and effectively, disciplining any dog takes time, patience, and consistency. You can actually expect to be frustrated at times and want to give up, but persistence is the key. Stay the course, be consistent, patient, and persistent, and your efforts will ultimately give birth to a well-disciplined dog that you can be proud of.

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