7 Facts about Blue Grey French Bulldog

Blue Grey French Bulldogs? How much do you know about these cute, tiny pooches with a bluish-greyish coat?

Here are some interesting facts about these adorable Frenchies that you probably did not know.

blue grey french bulldog
blue grey french bulldog

[1] Blue Grey French Bulldogs Are Some of the Worst Swimmers

Normally, dogs swim very well and drowning is not a typical thing. However, Blue French Bulldogs are not that good when it comes to swimming.

Plus, this breed of dogs can easily drown due to poor swimming skills. And the dogs generally hate water.

The dogs’ hind legs are shorter than forelegs, a factor which makes it very difficult for the pooches to be able to swim effectively.

If you have to put your pooch in the water, make sure that the pet is wearing a life vest.

It goes without saying that there are several quality brands for dog life jackets on Amazon, including the following: https://amzn.to/2FI6fV0

[2] Blue Grey French Bulldogs Have a Terrible Cold Intolerance

Dogs have varying cold intolerance levels due to the fact that these domestic animals have different types of coats.

While some dogs have a single coat covered by too little fur, other dogs have double coats characterized by too much fur.

The former tend to have a very high cold intolerance and thus could easily develop cold-related complications if exposed to too much cold.

The latter, on the other hand, have a low cold intolerance due to the animals’ double coat with a high hair density, which will supply too much heat to warm up the pets when placed under cold conditions.

Blue Grey Frenchies have a very thin coat with minimal hair cover.

As such, these pets have a high cold intolerance and could easily develop a number of conditions if exposed to too much constantly.

These conditions include canine cold, kennel cough, pneumonia.

To protect your cold intolerant pooch from developing cold-related conditions, be sure to keep him warm with the right dog apparels like a sweater and socks.

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[3] Blue Grey French Bulldogs Have a Very Low Tolerance to Hot Weather

Blue Grey French Bulldogs are some of the most difficult to keep pets.

Just like cold weather, hot weather affects the canines a great deal and the dogs could easily develop serious heat-related complications if subjected to this kind of weather constantly.

With that in mind, it is safe to say that these are not the best dog breed for places that experience extreme weather conditions.

So, before you buy one, consider the type of weather in your area. It also helps to invest in an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) unit to keep the temperatures inside your house.

[4] Blue Grey French Bulldogs Love a Sedentary Lifestyle

Blue Grey French Bulldogs are some of the laziest dog breeds the world has ever seen. They are not so active like other dogs.

Furthermore, they do not derive happiness from jumping up and down, running around, playing with objects like in the case of other dog breeds. These pooches love to lay on the couch and sleep all day.

On the contrary, this can have a negative impact on the pets’ health.

You can do so either indoors or outdoors, walking or running with your dog not to mention doing other physical activities together.

You can also invest in the following activity tracker to help you keep your dog active: https://amzn.to/2FEHDwh

[5] Blue Grey French Bulldogs Are Actually Not French

Contrary to what you may think, Blue Grey French Bulldogs are surprisingly not French.

Instead, these pooches are English, originating from a small town in England called Nottingham.

These dogs have no association with France and how the pets became known as French Bulldogs is not clear.

[6] Blue Grey French Bulldogs Officially Recognized or Not?

Many dog breeder associations around the world do not recognize Blue Grey French Bulldogs.

Your Blue Grey Frenchie may not be allowed to take part in any dog breed show competition, involving different French Bulldog crossbreeds because your pooch is not one of them.

That is another proof that this dog breed is not a French Bulldog.

[7] Blue Grey French Bulldogs Are Resilient

Many people believe that Blue Grey Frenchies are sickly pets because they have a condition called “blue dog alopecia“, which handles their rare blue-grey colour.

The reality is that these canines are as resilient as other dog breeds. As a matter of fact, the condition does not affect the dogs’ health in any way.

If well taken care of, a Blue Grey Frenchie can live many years like an average French Bulldog breed.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Blue Grey French Bulldogs have many interesting facts you did not know.

For instance, did you know that these canines are terrible swimmers, intolerant to cold weather and hot weather, very lazy, or not French?

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