7 Essential Introduction to the Grey French Bulldog

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The Grey French Bulldog is an expensive and rare dog breed set apart from the other Frenchies through genetics by their grey, blue colour.

Here is everything you need to know about them besides the fact that we find them to be incredible, cute and would readily make your heart melt.

Grey French Bulldog

[1] Origins

The Grey French Bulldog is the mix of an English Bulldog ancestor and a French Ratter dog.

They came about in the 1800s and were extremely rare for a long time thereafter.

Recent polls, though, put them as one of the top ten most popular dogs in England, Australia, and the United States.

[2] Appearance

The Frenchie is categorized as a small breed domestic dog. Their average size is about a foot tall at the shoulder and on average weight in at fifteen to twenty-eight pounds.

The females are a bit smaller than the males in most cases. Besides being their unique blue, grey colour, they have large ears, flatheads, small noses, and a lot of extra, wrinkly skin.

Their coat is shiny and soft and with big eyes, they have an overall beautiful appearance.

[3] Habits and Behaviors

The Grey French Bulldog is a great companion dog and does not like spending time alone.

Although they enjoy playing around with their owners, they are lazy in nature, prefer staying clean, and they love staying indoors. This makes them ideal for owners that live in small spaces or apartments since they do not take up a lot of room, nor do they need space to run around.

They should be taken on daily walks, so they can stay healthy.

Frenchies are very friendly dogs. They get along well with people and other dogs. Some may wonder about their attitude, being bulldogs after all, but as it is with all dogs, it is about how you train them.

Although they are big barkers, their bark is a bit loud for that of a smaller dog.

If you hear them barking before you see them, you will be pleasantly surprised.

They are intelligent dogs and are very easy to train. Like any other dog, you want to make their training fun or they just might lose interest.

[4] Antics

This little dog will actually snort and snore.

Their breathing may be loud and that is all due to the shape of their nose and their small heads.

These little guys are also known for antics like farting, drooling, and shedding, but then again, what dog isn’t.

They are eccentric and love to be the centre of attention and usually, they are. This can make them a bit hard to handle at times, but they are sensitive little things, so never yell at them. Not that any dog should be yelled at.

The Grey French Bulldog is not a fan of swimming or large bodies of water for that matter.

A large body of water can also be a bathtub to them, being that they are so adorably tiny.

They also do not do well at flying in aeroplanes. The high altitude can affect their breathing and create stress for these dogs.

[5] Health

Frenchies have the life expectancy of eleven to fourteen years, which is the same as most other dogs.

They do not do well in cold weather or hot weather for that matter. The reasons for that is that they are so small and do not have very thick skin, so they will get cold easily and in hot weather, they might have difficulty breathing due to the shape of the nose and face.

This is also part of the reason they are not very active dogs. Any activity that requires them to raise their breathing or heart rate, they probably do not enjoy.

They may be more prone to inhalant allergies, so it is recommended to keep the air they breathe as clean as possible.

Because of their small size and shape, Frenchies are known to be prone to illnesses like brachycephalic syndrome and patellar luxation.

[6] Getting a Grey French Bulldog

The Grey French Bulldogs are a very popular dog now a day. They have even been spotted with celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga. Still, they are not as easy to get as you would think, plus they are very pricey. I think they are worth their price, any good companion is.

You should look for a reputable breeder if you want to get one. I highly recommended you find a responsible breeder that focuses mainly on getting healthy Frenchies.

By using a responsible breeder that is open to explaining their practices, you will have peace of mind that you are getting a healthy dog and that the mother was and is being treated properly.

[7] Other Fun Facts

They were first bred to make a toy version of the bulldog in Europe and it was not until 1896 that the first bulldog made its way to America.

They are still called toy dogs today, although that category of dogs has also grown. People do love their small, companion dogs.

French Bulldogs make great show dogs, but the Grey is actually not a recognized breed. They will not be able to enter mainstream dog competitions in spite of their beautiful appearance.

For dog shows, the common fur colours are preferred. I love different, new, and rare. That is why I love the Grey Frenchies 😍

Although all French Bulldogs are friendly and calm in nature, there was a reported story of a Frenchie fending off not one, but three bears in an effort to protect his owners. When they have to, they will protect you. That is one more reason to get one.

As you may already know, the Grey French Bulldog is a wonderful dog, unique looking, and special in many ways. They may be a great option for those thinking about adding a new member to their family.

This low maintenance dog will make you laugh and will make you feel loved.

Just make sure you to love them back too and that starts with making sure you research and find the best and most responsible breeder you possibly can. Do your research.

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