Best Brush for a French Bulldog?

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There are two things that you will definitely love about a French Bulldog. First, the pooch is quite adorable. Second, a Frenchie doesn’t have much grooming needs. So, what’s the best brush for a french bulldog?

best brush for french bulldog
best brush for french bulldog

Let’s face it. When taking care of dogs, there are some tasks that we find tedious and boring.

These include brushing, bathing, and preventing hair loss. Good news is, grooming a French Bulldog need not be tedious – if you the know-how!

This post aims to provide you with details that can help taking care of your Frenchie much less cumbersome.

French Bulldog Coat Grooming Care

A French Bulldog is blessed with a short, smooth, and shiny coat. He has wrinkled and loose skin at the shoulder and head areas.

Thus, it would be easy for you to treat his coat, and keep it intact and healthy.

Just make sure to give him a regular bath, and allow him to play and spend an hour each day outdoors. Your Frenchie is quite energetic.

As a puppy, he loves to play a lot, and when he grows up, he would need to spend his excess energy by running. This is why he needs to take a bath on a regular basis.

To keep his coat shiny and silky, you must brush it at least once each week. You may do it more frequently, if necessary.

In general, pooches love it when you brush their coat, but only if it is done the right way, and you use the right brushing tool.

Which Brush Is Best for My French Bulldog?

Your Frenchie needs to be brushed gently. Make sure to brush in the hair growth’s direction to prevent damaging his thick and dense coat.

As a result, you may also irritate your pooch. To make sure you brush your Frenchie’s coat the right way, you need to have the right tools available.

Zoom Groom

You need this tool to get rid of contaminants and dead hair from your Frenchie’s coat. Often made with pliable rubber, it has numerous big but gentle rubber spikes.

Rubber Hand Mitt

You can use the mitt to remove the loose strands of dead hair on your Frenchie’s coat.

Slicker Brush

The tool is useful for removing dead undercoat. But, you need to be careful when using a slicker brush because it may irritate your dog’s sensitive skin.

Together with the Zoom Groom, the Slicker Brush can help maintain your Frenchie’s fine coat.

While it is recommended to brush a French Bulldog’s coat once a week, it may require more frequent brushing if your pooch is still a small puppy.

Similar to other grooming procedures, brushing may take some getting used to before your dog gets comfortable.

If you start brushing your Frenchie’s coat at an early age, he will get used to it sooner, and he may actually enjoy brushing as he grows older.

Positive reinforcement can help make your dog get used to brushing faster. Reward him with some treats after each successful attempt to brush his coat.

Reviews of the Best Brush for French Bulldogs

Kong Zoom Groom Dog Grooming Toy

Making your pooch enjoy brushing can be easier if your dog learns to associate it with something fun – like a game.

The Kong Zoom Groom brush is designed to be both a brushing tool and a toy. This way, your Frenchie will have some fun while you brush his coat.

Aside from being an efficient coat brush, the Zoom Groom is also a great massager.

It likewise allows you to get rid of dead cells and hair from your dog’s skin. You can also use it while giving him a bath.

Pro Slicker Coat Brush for Cats and Dogs

The brush is not only ideal to use for French Bulldogs, but it is also perfect for other dog breeds, and cats as well.

In fact, you can use it for pets of any size. Thus, the tool will be perfect if you have other pets aside from your little Frenchie.

The Pro Slicker is ideal for collecting strands of dead hair straight from your dog.

This way, they will not fall on your furniture, carpets, and anywhere else. The tool also quickly gets rid of tangles and mats.

While this is often not a problem with a Frenchie, you might find this feature useful if you have other pets.

The product comes with a 10-year warranty. If you’re not happy about your purchase, you can always ask for a refund.

This is how confident the manufacturers are about their product.

Li’l Pals Slicker Brush

This is a minimalist and modern-looking brush that is suitable for your Frenchie, and other dog breeds too.

The slicker brush comes with plastic tips, as well as solid pins that are flexible and convenient to use even on dogs with thicker coats.

The brush has great anti-mat and anti-tangle features that you will surely love. As a bonus, it comes in a handy and attractive design!

ZD Tech 3-in-1 Cat and Dog Grooming Glove

The revolutionary tool isn’t actually a brush. But, it can be a great addition to your Frenchie’s brushing routine.

It offers a massaging effect that can energize your pooch.

The grooming glove is really a glove that is easy to wear. Any member of your household can use it.

The eco-friendly body makes it safe for use for your Frenchie while being harmless to the environment.

By adding the glove to your Frenchie’s regular bathing routine, you can easily get rid of the dead cells, dead hair, and dirt from your dog’s coat.

Even if you apply dog shampoo in advance, you can still use the glove because of its solid and durable construction.


Brushing your French Bulldog’s coat is an important grooming task that you should not neglect as a pet parent.

Whether you do it once a week or more frequently, the important thing is to do it on a regular basis.

This will help prevent skin problems from developing in your beloved furry friend.

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