Best dog food for French bulldog with a sensitive stomach

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Best dog food for French bulldog with a sensitive stomach

Do you know the Best dog food for French bulldog with a sensitive stomach? Read More to find out.

French bulldogs are increasingly becoming popular among celebrities as well as in the common population. They are wonderful companions. They are sweet and also playful. They have very funny personalities.

French bulldogs get along well with people and other animals but they often will have a strong bond with one person.

They can play well with other dogs but sometimes male dogs are aggressive with other dogs. They will not have quality lives without companionship, they cannot be ignored. They like people and enjoy being around them.

They respond reasonably well to the training and do well with verbal praise as a reward for demonstrating good behaviour.

They can easily gain weight so one has to be very careful with using treats as a training aid. French bulldogs are family dogs but they do better with older children and they act like hunters when they see other small animals.

History of French bulldogs:  

French bulldogs originated in England as miniature English bulldogs. In the late 1860s, French dog breeders transferred some of these dogs to Great Britain and crossed them with French Terriers.

France had a fondness for these dogs which is how the name “French Bulldog” came to existence.

When the breed eventually made it back to Britain, there was a huge conflict regarding the name because the bulldog was a symbol of English culture.

French bulldogs look very similar to English bulldogs but they are significantly smaller.


  • French bulldogs are small curious dogs which makes them ideal as home pets.
  • They get adapted well to changes.
  • They are affectionate and lovable dogs that are loyal to their owners and will always charm those around them.
  • They are very intelligent and hence they are very easy to train. They understand the owner’s commands very easily and learn the instructions very fast.
  • They get along well with other animals, and though some bulldogs show aggressive behaviour it can be controlled by proper training.
  • Like other dogs they do not need more training and exercise, a short walk is enough for it.
  • They are low maintenance because of the short-haired coat which only requires brushing to keep it in condition.


  • French bulldogs are easily affected by eye and respiratory problems.
  • If overweight, they may develop breathing problems because of a swollen abdomen. Sometimes they wheeze, snore and they have a lot of gas.
  • They cannot swim because of the way that they are built.
  • They are expensive to buy especially if we want one that is from a good line.
  • They are prone to many types of allergies, which means that owners need to be very observant in case of any symptoms.
  • Because of their structure, they may snore. Some people cannot stand this sound and many owners have given up their French bulldogs because of this.

Health issues:

It may be surprising but many dogs suffer from allergies, both to the environment and food. The French bulldogs will react very easily.

One may not know how to recognize the symptoms when one does not know what they are sufferings.

Moreover, Puppies scratching all of the furniture and chewing their feet may not be such a big mystery. One need not want to bother about that because it is a common nature of French bulldogs.

Diet for French bulldogs:

When the dog gets old it may have health problems like arthritis, extra weight, diabetes, or bad eyesight.

During this phase, it is crucial, and changing the nutritional needs is much needed to extend the length and healthfulness of his life.

The great thing is that pet food companies will insist the owners of the dogs buy the right thing so they will keep coming back for more.

This is why they formulate special blends of food for each age group. There are puppy blends and dog blends that usually refer to the adolescent and mature phases and even blends for old-timers.

Most brands also offer special blends for overweight French bulldogs. A dog with arthritis needs extra calcium.

A dog with an upset digestive system could have his kibble replaced by boiled chicken and rice.

Homemade food:

Homemade food is the best dog food for the French bulldog with a sensitive stomach than the processed bags that we get from local pet stores.

There are a lot of reasons why it is a good idea to make hypoallergenic dog food for their beloved dogs.

With all of the ingredients, companies are putting in the food these days as fillers, one can never be confident that the pet is getting the nutrition he needs.

The most logical step in the process of making the dog’s food is to take into account any health issues he may have already.

If the dog has heart issues, one should avoid using fatty meals. French dogs with sensitive stomach can get easily allergic to chicken.

If they choose to use chicken in the dog food, they should alternate it with another type of meat regularly. Brown rice is much easier for a dog’s system to handle than white rice.

Canned vegetables do not have much nutritional value. One can also alternate brown rice with potatoes.

Hence one should be very conscious in selecting good and healthy food for their pets to lead a healthy and long life span.


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