What Is the Best Harness for a French Bulldog That Pulls a Lot?

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Best Harness for a French Bulldog That Pulls a Lot?

The Best Harness for a French Bulldog that pulls a lot is the type of dog harness that fits around the chest in front of and behind front legs.

These types of dog harness are better choices because they provide more control and allow for even spread of pressure across the dog’s body when you take out your Frenchie on a walk, stroll or exercise.

If your French Bulldog tends to pull away a lot then I recommend getting a very good harness that is suitable for use to teach your dog not to pull away without applying pressure to the neck and throat.

How Do You Choose a Harness for Your Frenchie?

You pay attention to the position of the harness on the body of your dog to ensure that the harness when applied offers better support.

The right type of harness, when applied to your dog, prevents injuries especially if your French Bulldog pulls a lot away from you.

There is better control of your Frenchie especially when you’re out and about on exercise and the harness does not cause distress to your dog.

Harness vs Collar?

In my opinion, harnesses are a much better choice because they provide support to the body of your French Bulldog. This keeps the spine in a proper position and prevents neck injuries.

How About When You Are Going out for a Walk?

When you’re taking your dog out on a stroll, short walk or for a training exercise, a dog harness which is secure and comfortable is handy to have with you especially if your Frenchie tends to pull away from you as you walk.

French Bulldog Harness Vest

The French Bulldog harness vest is easy to put on your dog, easy to take off and is comfortable and good for well behaved Frenchies especially those that are new to wearing harnesses. 

No-Pull Dog Harnesses

If your French Bulldog tends to pull it a lot when you’re out walking, it is recommended that you consider getting a no-pull harness to curb the pulling behaviour.

No-Pull dog harnesses are designed to gently but effectively prevent this unwanted behaviour without causing any painful sensation or distress to the dog.

Getting the Right Harness for Your Frenchie

Getting the right dog harness for your dog will ensure that the playtime is safe and that you’re able to maintain control should your dog suddenly pull or dash off when you go out in public spaces.

Only Worn When Needed

The harness shouldn’t be worn 24/7 by your dog to mitigate the potential risk of your dog getting tangled with the harness around their neck.

So the sensible approach is to put on the harness when you’re going out for exercise and a walk.

Health Consideration

The dog that pulls so much can cause harmful effects over the long-term due to pressure on the neck, particularly on the trachea, the nerves and blood vessels within the neck. 

With this in mind, buying or procuring a harness that stays clear of the neck area is advisable. 


It is important to consider the degree of control that the harness offers you over the dog that pulls a lot.

When you’re out and about, you want to be able to keep your dog safe by maintaining adequate control when your dog is pulling and lunging away from you.

Go for the right size that’s easy to adjust and fits nicely and securely on your dog. 

Consider durability and ensure that the harness you procure is strong enough to hold the strength and pull of your Frenchie.

The material of the harness ideally should be easy to clean without the need to spend a lot of money on cleaning products and dry cleaning to get rid of dirt, mud and muck.

If you have a dog that is difficult to control on a walk, then a back clip harness is not the best choice.

Instead, consider getting a front clip harness similar to a chest strap to prevent your dog from pulling.

This type of attachment to the front prevents your dog from pulling on the leash so you have more control.

A useful tip is for you to take your dog to the pet store or veterinary clinic so you can try out the different types and sizes of harnesses available before you buy.

The advantage of doing this is that staff at the pet store or veterinary clinic is also able to help you choose the best harness for your dog.

They may even help you to fix the harness and help you select the most suitable harness for your French Bulldog that pulls a lot.


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