15 Best French Bulldog Gifts

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French Bulldogs are one of the most affectionate and charming dog breeds, so it’s no surprise that you’re here to seek the best gift for a Frenchie lover.

After all, anyone who would receive something with a Frenchie in it would be overjoyed with your gift.

Luckily for you, we saved your time browsing for the perfect gift separately and made a compiled list of the best French bulldog gifts you could ever imagine.

Each with their own unique qualities that would suit the giftee in your mind accordingly.

Best French Bulldog Gifts
Best French Bulldog Gifts

Looking for the Best French Bulldog Gifts?

[1] Frenchie Mugs

Is there anything better than starting your day with a cup of coffee? That’s starting your day with a coffee in a Frenchie mug!

It won’t just help you start your day; you’ll be starting it with a smile. With those adorable eyes and funny caption, you best believe your day will be the best day ever – every day!

[2] French Bulldog Phone Case

Want to naturally show your love for French bulldogs? A French bulldog breed pattern phone case might be your best bet.

Not only is the design in black, but the sufficient amount of Frenchies would also be enough for all your Frenchie love.

[3] Frenchie 3D Night Light

Want to achieve a futuristic room design all while incorporating your French bulldog-loving heart?

We’ve got you covered with this hologram French Bulldog night light. It doesn’t matter if you hate the colour blue because guess what? It changes colors!

[4] French Bulldog Necklace

If you’re thinking of making a more subtle and minimalistic choice, a Frenchie necklace would be the best option for you.

Lightweight, portable, and everyone would definitely identify you as a Frenchie lover once they see you wearing this adorable necklace.

[5] Frenchie Tote Bag

Fashion doesn’t mean abandoning your love for Frenchies. Show the world your love for French bulldogs by parading with a Frenchie canvas tote bag.

It’s not just there for design, it has its uses. The most basic one would be having something that would hold your things- while still showing that you’re fabulous as can be.

[6] Frenchie Decorative Pillow

Give life to your living room with these Frenchie decorative pillowcases. Not only is it durable and washable, but it also shows your love for French bulldogs to guests whenever you have someone over.

[7] Frenchie Scented Candle

Scented candles are indeed one of the most basic gifts ever. However, once you step it up by having a French bulldog in it, you’re well on your way to giving the best gift to the giftee.

This vanilla-scented French Bulldog Bouvier would help your home get a chic aroma.

[8] Frenchie Socks

It’s no secret that socks are in trend right now as it gives the casual look a better emphasis by being the focal item.

Of course, incorporating your love of Frenchies with the trend doesn’t just make you “in”, it’s also a practical choice, knowing fully well how much we use socks every day.

[9] Frenchie Beach Towels

If you’re an outdoor type and loves beach days, then having this Frenchie beach towel with you would prove your day better. Perfect for the summer vacation as well.

[10] French Bulldog Luggage Tag

Once more for the outdoor types, you need tags for your bags, so you don’t lose them. Luggage tags are the best gift for your outdoor-type Frenchie lover giftee.

[11] Frenchie Scarf

If you’re one of those who want to shout to the world just how much they love Frenchies, this scarf might be the best one for you.

Keeps you warm and fashionable all while broadcasting your love to French bulldogs.

If you’re wary about the colour, you’re in luck! This scarf also comes in white, light blue, and navy blue.

[12] French Bulldog Fridge Magnet

Have you ever imagined going to your kitchen and seeing these Frenchies sleeping on your fridge?

You can decorate your fridge with these little puppies.

[13] Frenchie Tumblr

This gift is one of- if not the most- practical gift of all. Tumblers are good for when you’re going to the gym, mountain climbing, and even travelling.

What more, this Tumblr has double vacuum wall and is insulated. Perfect when you need to take water outside with you.

[14] French Bulldog Keychain

If you’re low on budget but still want to give a beautiful and much-appreciated gift, this French Bulldog Keychain is for you.

It shows your love for Frenchies subtly, and you can attach it to almost anything – An ID tag, keys, and such.

[15] Frenchie Car Ornament

Now, if you’re someone who wants to go all out for the giftee, this Frenchie car ornament is the best choice.

This could be given as a gift for a Frenchie lover who just bought a car, or already has one. This could even be for yourself.

To sum it up, whichever gift in this list you end up buying your giftee, they would probably be thankful that you thought of giving them a gift in the first place.

We compiled this list for every type of person, be it someone who’s always outside travelling or someone who prefers to be home.

The price range is also considerably varied so you can choose something that would cover your budget.

This Frenchie thanks you for reaching the end of the list.

best french bulldog gifts

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