Blue French Bulldog

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9 Useful Information on the Blue French Bulldog

Are you thinking about getting a new Blue French Bulldog?

Historically known as man’s best friend, a dog can bring joy and happiness to any family, but the tough part of the equation is finding a breed that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Some people prefer big dogs, some people prefer small ones and the great thing about the world of pups is that there is so much variety to choose from!

blue french bulldog
blue french bulldog

Have you ever considered the beautiful Blue French Bulldog?

Blue French Bulldog has risen in popularity over recent years to become one of the most beloved dog breeds all over the world.

Known just as much for their distinctive looks as their unique personality, many feel that they are the perfect choice of companion for anyone from a first-time owner to an experienced dog expert.

If you think that a Blue French Bulldog might on the cards in your own life, then it’s important that you know as much as possible for making the big decision.

Without further ado, here are some of the most vital and most interesting things about the Blue French Bulldog!

Blue French Bulldog

[1] What Is The Origin of the Blue French Bulldog?

As suggested by their name, the Blue French Bulldog came into existence as the result of crossbreeding between a classic British bulldog and local ratters in France.

The breeding happened as a result of the ban on blood sports like bull baiting in the country, and breeders decided to turn their attentions to different things.

[2] What Is The Behaviour of the Blue French Bulldog Like?

The Blue French Bulldog do not need a lot of regular exercises to stay fit, but daily walks are always a good idea to keep them stimulated and happy and healthy.

Blue French Bulldogs love to play with their human companions. They are in fact one of the most playful and attentive breeds of dog that you would hope to integrate into a family.

They crave attention and company, and for this reason, are the perfect choice from someone who is going to be at home a lot.

Blue French Bulldogs tend to stick to their owners whilst out for a walk, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the park.

[3] Are Your Blue French Bulldogs Attention Seekers?

There is a reason why most of the most famous internet dogs happen to be Blue French Bulldogs and that is down to the fact that they are complete and utter attention seekers!

Blue French Bulldog

[4] Blue French Bulldogs Are Incredibly Affectionate

One of the sweetest character traits of a Blue French Bulldogs is that they are so affectionate towards their human friends.

They love to show their love through licking, so bear that in mind if you are someone who doesn’t want to be covered in puppy slobber all the time!

Blue French Bulldogs sometimes will sulk is when they feel they are not getting the attention they are seeking!

[5] Are Blue French Bulldogs Prone to Illness?

The prospect of illness is an important factor in selecting a dog breed as your pet.

Something to note is that Blue French Bulldogs have a very thin, single coat of fur, and this can make them more vulnerable than other breeds to certain ailments.

They can catch colds very easily both in the winter and in the summer if you have a home with heavy-duty air conditioning.

For lots of dog breeds, the notion of pet clothing and accessories is just a fashion statement, but for BFBs is can be the difference between staying healthy or getting sick.

[6] Do Blue French Bulldogs Suffer Allergies?

Blue French Bulldogs are susceptible to both food and skin allergies.

To ensure the ultimate health of your pet, you might want to commit to following a specific diet plan that keeps them away from any foods that could ignite an allergic reaction.

[7] Do Blue French Bulldogs Shed?

Due to their already thin and singular coats, a Blue French Bulldog will only shed once or twice a year and it is never that much compared to other breeds of dog.

Their lack of serious shedding often makes them a popular choice for people who are sensitive to dog hair allergies, as well as being a much more sanitary clean option if you are concerned with keeping as neat and tidy a home as possible.

Blue French Bulldog

[8] Do Blue French Bulldogs Like Water?

It’s fair to say that a Blue French Bulldog is not the kind of dog that you are going to see jumping into ponds in the park or taking a dive in a backyard swimming pool.

On the whole, they prefer to stay on dry ground, and this is probably because of their shorter legs making it more difficult to swim well.

If they do show an inclination to get in the water, it is best to put them in a life vest to keep them safe.

[9] Are Blue French Bulldogs Expensive?

It is worth noting that you will definitely have to pay a premium for a Blue french Bulldog breed.

Simply because of the rarer blue colour, you can expect to see the breed going for more than double the price of a non-blue.

This adorable breed can make a truly exceptional pet. If you provide genuine care and attention, you will be rewarded with love and loyalty in bundles.

Blue French Bulldog

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