Dog Intelligence By Breed

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Is the ultimate dog intelligence list by breed classification readily available online? Is there a dog intelligence list top 100? If you are like me, you have probably wondered about the criteria used by the experts to compile the list of the smartest dog breeds versus the least intelligent dog breeds. 

dog intelligence

Are the dog intelligence tests credible?

Of course one would not normally be interested in the intelligence of dogs because you wanted your next dog to be on a list of the dumbest dog breeds. 

If the truth is told, the real motivation behind any interest in the subject of dog intelligence is often because one is either interested in obtaining a really smart dog or one harbours the desire to show off to families and friends how intelligent and smart out lovely doggie is. 

For example, have you ever wondered about dog intelligence compared to humans?

Dog Intelligence Compared To Humans

Scientific studies over the years have been developed to study and research how dogs are compared to us humans focused more on the so-called dog’s working intelligence. 

In simple terms, their ability to learn, follow commands and carry out specific tasks as set out for them by their owners. 

In my view having a loving and kind dog that fits with the family unit and your lifestyle is far more important than for your dog to rank high on the dog intelligence ranking list. Is there such a list?

Ask yourself, how is your dog coping with basic command and training? Or does he/she prefer hunting, pointing, flushing, retrieving instead?

Dog Intelligence Ranking By Breed

I have done some research for you on the subject of dog intelligence and here is a helpful list of the top 95 smartest dog breeds in the world according to the experts:

1. Border Collie

2. Poodle

3. German Shepherd

4. Golden Retriever

5. Doberman Pinscher

6. Shetland Sheepdog

7. Labrador Retriever

8. Papillon

9. Rottweiler

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Top 20 Dog Intelligence

11. Brittany

12. Great Dane

13. English Settler

14. Akita Inu

15. Saint Bernard

16. Australian Shepherd

17. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

18. Collie

19. Alaskan Malamute

20. Siberian Husky

Top 30 Dog Intelligence

21. Alaskan Husky

22. German Shorthaired Pointer

23. Irish Setter

24. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

25. English Springer Spaniel

26. Weimaraner

27. Jack Russell Terrier

28. Bearded Collie

29. Old English Sheepdog

30. Bernese Mountain Dog

Top 40 Dog Intelligence

31. Rhodesian Ridgeback

32. English Shepherd

33. Pointer

34. Newfoundland

35. Field Spaniel

36. Gordon Setter

37. Parson Russell Terrier

38. Bichon Frise

39. Shiba Inu

40. Cocker Spaniel

Top 50 Dog Intelligence

41. Elkhound

42. Lakeland Terrier

43. Belgian Shepherd

44. Airedale Terrier

45. Boxer

46. Irish Red and White Setter

47. Yorkshire Terrier

48. Dachshund

49. Cairn Terrier

50. Havanese

Top 60 Dog Intelligence

51. West Highland White Terrier

52. American Bulldog

53. Bedlington Terrier

54. Harrier

55. Kerry Blue Terrier

56. Patterdale Terrier

57. Miniature Pinscher

58. Pharaoh Hound

59. Plott Hound

60. Welsh Terrier

Top 70 Dog Intelligence

61. Whippet

62. Greyhound

63. Samoyed

64. Italian Greyhound

65. Redbone Coonhound

66. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

67. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

68. Manchester Terrier

69. American Hairless Terrier

70. Keeshond

Top 80 Dog Intelligence

71. Silky Terrier

72. Skye Terrier

73. French Bulldog

74. Tibetan Mastiff

75. Bull Terrier

76. Rat Terrier

77. Lhasa Apso

78. Shih Tzu

79. Mini Schnauzer

80. American Pitbull Terrier

Top 90 Dog Intelligence

81. Boston Terrier

82. Maltese

83. Pomeranian

84. English Bulldog

85. Chinese Shar-Pei

86. Chihuahua

87. Chinese Crested

88. Basset Hound

89. Beagle

90. Mastiff

Top 100 Dog Intelligence

91. Pekingese

92. Bloodhound

93. Russian Wolfhound (Borzoi)

94. Chow Chow

95. Bulldog

Dog Intelligence List By Breed

I’ve got to ask, is your dog on the list above classified according to dog intelligence by breed? Well, our Frenchie is not on the top 10 dog intelligence ranking but I still love her to bits. 

So in our home, it’s about their personality and love and attention and loyalty not just about the dog intelligence IQ.

Signs Of Dog Intelligence

Your dog is smart when they can mastermind their escape from the kennel or the house when you are so convinced you have them under lock and key. They are simply able to find their way in and out of the house even if the original entry and exit points are closed.

Your smart dog is intelligent if they remember a command you taught them a while ago perhaps when they were a puppy and is still able to respond to the command without practice env though they command has not been given for a while.

Can Solve Complex Puzzle Toys

Is sure clever if they can solve those complex looking puzzle toys especially when a treat is hidden within the puzzle and the dog can figure out how to get the treat out quickly compared with the other less intelligent dog breeds.

Can understand your mood correctly and will often cuddle you and take different steps to comfort and cheer you up when they sense that you are upset and sad.

Can Tell Something Is Up!

Is observant and can tell that parking your suitcase or luggage may not necessarily be a good thing for them in that they may well have associated this with going to the boarding kennel and a period of separation from you.

Smart dogs are quick learners and can master new tricks, commands and habits with ease. They will often initiate games and bring their toys to you to initiate play having associated playing with the toys with getting your attention

Your smart dog learns by observing and recognising surroundings and landmarks. They are intelligent when able to discern danger and can take the necessary cautious step to avoid such scenarios. They are careful and able to demonstrate the intuition to stop well before reaching the busy road crossing without any training input from you as the owner.

How To Test Dog Intelligence

Here are some simple and basic tests for scoring your dog intelligence. Treat these as fun games with your dog and remember to give lots of positive reinforcement throughout.

Gently place a large towel or blanket over your dog’s head and measure how long it took him/her to get away from the cover. 

Here is your scoring matrix:

15 seconds = 3 points

15 to 30 seconds = 2 points

More than 30 seconds = 1 points

Here’s another fun test to try perhaps on a separate day. Place a dog treat or favourite toy for your dog under one of three chairs arranged side by side. Allow your sog to see which bucket the object is hidden under. Then turn your dog away from the buckets for a few seconds before allowing your dog to find the hidden object. How quickly will the dog successfully spots the hidden object?

Here is your scoring matrix for this test:

Immediately goes to the correct bucket = 3 points

Takes 2 attempts to spot the correct bucket = 2 points

Looks under the other 2 buckets first = 1 point

Increase Dog Intelligence

Have you or anyone you know experienced dog behavioural problems such as jumping on people, peeing inappropriately around the house and on expensive furniture, showing aggression to family members and visitors, pulling on the leash whilst walks? 

Have you researched and tried some of the available resources in the market without much success?

Discovering Your Dog’s Hidden Intelligence

As explained, smart and intelligent dogs are generally better behaved. They take commands easier and readily understand what you want them to do.

No matter how clever you think your dog is, you are still able to unlock their hidden dog intelligence quickly and easily.

Do no longer have to suffer from coping with your dog behaviours problems, check out the brain training for dogs course now. 

Check out this dog intelligence resource that is full of useful and helpful material to help you tackle and eliminate the persistent dog behaviour problems you face by tapping into your dog’s hidden intelligence.

Are Your Treats Worth Working For?

Stick to treats which are soft, smelly such as the freeze-dried liver and in small bite-sized pieces. 

Are You Missing Out on Rewarding?

During the initial stages of learning, you need a continuous rate of giving rewards for every success, and only once your dog shows signs of responding well can you move on to only giving treats for success now and then.

Has Your Dog Ever Been Trained Before?

Dogs who have never been trained and have been allowed to do as they please for a good part of their lives often struggle with the initial stages of dog training since the concept is entirely new to them. 

Are You Forgetting to Brain Train Your Dog?

Try engaging the dog’s brain too through fun and simple games sure to improve the lives of both you and your dog! Want to get started with brain training? 

Dog Obedience Training At Home

Keep your dog’s environment full of new and exciting things, and offer him/her plenty of opportunities to use his/her brain.

Hide Your Dog’s Toys

If your dog wants a toy, try placing it under a laundry basket or hiding it under a blanket making sure he/she sees you put it there. Then, sit back and watch him/her use his problem-solving skills to try and get it. When he solves the puzzle, praise him/her just as he/she reaches for the toy.

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