Choosing the Right French Bulldog Coats

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Are you looking for the right dog breed to keep at home as a pet? Are you thinking about French Bulldog coats? If so, I would be happy to recommend a Frenchie.

French Bulldogs are cute and affectionate canines that can be rewarding to have. Even so, these wonderful dog breeds with a French origin can be distinguished according to the canines’ coat types.

It is a known fact that French Bulldog coats vary depending on colours, coat patterns and layers.

With the following knowledge in mind, you will be able to pick a Frenchie breed that is most suited to your preferences and even circumstances.

french bulldog coats
french bulldog coats

[1] French Bulldog Coats

It goes without saying that French Bulldog coats can vary according to the following colours:

White – These are those Frenchies whose coats are white. These are some of the cutest breeds of domestic canines with a French origin you will ever come across. Although the dogs’ coats are 99% white, the pooches’ may have a couple of black stripes around the pets’ heads.

french bulldog coats

Cream – These are my favourite Frenchies breed with a cute cream colour for the pets’ coats. Not to mention that the pooches’ coats are cream in colour without stripes of any other colour like in the case of white Frenchies.

Fawn – Are easy to confuse with creamy Frenchies due to the canines’ coat colour, which is light yellowish tan. There was a time that I had a problem distinguishing these cute pooches from Cream Frenchies due to the similarity in their coat colour.

Any combination of white, cream and/or fawn – some Frenchie breeds have coats with a combination of white and cream or fawn colours.

french bulldog coats
french bulldog coats

So what about those Frenchies with blue coats? It is important to not forget that Blue Frenchies are not recognized as a French bulldog breed by the French bulldog breed associations. This is because there is not a single true Frenchie breed with this type of coat.

[2] Coat Patterns (Ticking and Markings)

Here is where things start getting a little bit technical when distinguishing French Bulldogs by their coat markings.

Do not worry though as I am going to try to break it down for you to the simplest format possible.

Ticked – These Frenchie breeds have coats with small patches of colours like white, black, brown. The rest of the coats are in different colours such as tan, cream.

french bulldog coats

It goes without saying that the brindle coat pattern for French Bulldogs can vary from seal brindle and tiger brindle to blue brindle and reverse brindle (if there are lighter coloured hairs than dark ones) patterns.

Black brindle and chocolate brindle Frenchies are also part of the list. Nonetheless, black brindle French Bulldogs, are the most common of all colours (since black is dominant over chocolate, blue and the other colours).

french bulldog coats
french bulldog coats
french bulldog coats
french bulldog coats

[3] Coat Layers

Frenchies have either a single layer coat or a double layer coat. Most crossbreeds of French Bulldogs have a single layer coat with only a few breeds having double-layer coats.

Some examples of Frenchie bulldog breeds with a double layer coat include the brindled breeds.

Since most Frenchies have a single layer coat, these canines can get too cold in low-temperature conditions.

This could lead to a plethora of health complications for your pooch, including common cold, pneumonia, asthma.

As such, it is important that you get some fabric coats to warm up your canine if you live in a cold area yet the animal is cold intolerant.

Note that double layer coated French Bulldogs are heat intolerant and can experience high temperatures in hot weather.

This could lead to serious health conditions like dog fever, hypothermia, heat exhaustion for the affected dogs.

As such, if you live in a hot area, be sure to choose a heat tolerant breed of Frenchies. All single layer coat Frenchies are.

But, if you have to pick a heat intolerant breed, make sure that you have a cooling system installed in your home to create favourable temperatures for your pooch.

You can follow the links below to check out a couple of pet-oriented room cooling systems:

Final Thoughts

Frenchies make for some of the cutest and most adorable domestic dogs. For people contemplating getting a dog as a pet but are undecided on which dog species to select, I would recommend a Frenchie.

Yet, it is important to understand that Frenchies come in a full range of breeds, which can be distinguished by many factors, including colours, coat patterns (ticking and markings) as well as coat layers (single layer coats and double-layer coats).

You will also need to pay attention to factors like heat intolerance or cold intolerance relative to the weather in your area.

With nothing more to add, I wish you good luck in selecting a pooch that best suits your preferences and circumstances.

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