11 Unique French Bulldog Mix Breeds

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Your Introduction to the French Bulldog Mix

Did you know that there is a French Bulldog Mix with other dog breeds?

Before buying any French bulldog mix, you need to understand that although French Bulldogs have a stubborn streak; they are also a loving companion.

The French Bulldog or the Frenchies are domestic dogs with a small stature and is the most popular domestic dog that is registered in the AKC (American Kennel Club).

The Frenchies are the crossbreed of the Paris Ratters dog and the English Bulldog that recently rose to fame with the many celebrities who own french bulldogs.

The Frenchies have excellent temperament making it the best companion dogs in the world. They crave constant attention and companionship from the owners and is well suited for a family atmosphere.

French Bulldog Mix


The breeders are never satisfied with breeding two pure-bred dogs, so they create a designer breed. The French Pomer Dog is a designer breed created by the French Bulldog and the Pomeranian.

We have to agree that this breed looks very cute that will urge everyone to own one for themselves.

  • It is a great companion dog.
  • It will amuse you and make you happy.


We may feel overwhelmed knowing the possibility of breeding French Bulldogs mix with other dog breeds. French Bullweiler is a designer breed created by the French bulldogs and the Rottweiler.

  • If you are looking for quiet dogs, then the need for you. But, it needs early socialization training.
  • Some dogs may become territorial, so I think dog training is necessary because of the Rottweiler aggressive nature.
  • Low maintenance dog that fits the setting of a home.


You may have guessed the breeds involved in creating the French Pit Bulldog. It is the unique combination of French Bulldogs and the Pitbull.

  • We have to understand that this breed requires the right training for socialising.
  • It is a protective companion that will guard you well.
  • It is a cheerful dog to the family but reserved for others.

[4] FRUG

I am personally attached to the cute breed of Frug the amusing crossbreed of the French Bulldog and the Pug. They have a wrinkly face like the Pug and ears like the Frenchies. They possess an even-temperament.

  • Have agility with friendly nature.
  • Can become an excellent watchdog with training.
  • Will amuse and charm you with their tricks.


The French Bulldog’s mix with other dog breeds like the highly energetic Poodle will result in Boodle that is a sweet-natured dog.

  • It is a loyal, smart, and great companion dog that will give you a good time.
  • We need to channel its high energy, so it needs training for socialization.
  • They have a higher prey drive, so it is important to keep an eye on them.


The Frengle is the designer mix of the French Bulldog and the Beagle. It has the stature of the Frenchie and the head of Beagle.

  • Dependent on their owners with a submissive streak in them.
  • Have a moderate to a high level of activities making them energetic dogs.
  • Do not require grooming.


You may like this small-sized dog that is the crossbreed of French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier. It will make you fall in love with its antics and pleasing personality.

  • An excellent companion dog with a stubborn streak.
  • Needs love and affection, so you may have to allocate time for the dog.
  • A great breed if you are staying in an apartment.
  • Easy to train the dog as they are people pleasures.


It is the unique breed developed by crossing the French Bulldog and the Chow Chow dogs that have a willful nature. As the two breeds have a different temperament, the personality varies with individual dogs.

  • If you wish for a protective dog, then it is the right breed for you.
  • It is not stranger friendly.
  • As they have a smooshed face, it can cause breathing problems.
  • It can shed a lot of furs that can cause inconvenience to you.


In my opinion, it is one of the cutest breeds that looks small and compact. It is the French Bulldog mix with the Chihuahua making the breed the friendly companion to you.

  • They are an extremely friendly dog that is family-oriented.
  • We can see the feisty side of them making it more adorable.
  • They are somewhat independent, so they do not need full-time attention.


The French Bull-Aussie is the breed that is the result of crossbreeding between the French bulldog and the Australian Shepherd dogs.

We need to understand that it is a very different breed that will love the owner fiercely.

They do not do well alone, so you cannot leave them alone for the long duration of time.

  • They are courageous dogs with a protective streak in them.
  • If you are an alpha owner with strong power of assertion, then you can control the dogs.
  • They are friendly dogs with increased enthusiasm to play with you.


The French Pin is a designer or hybrid dog resulting from the cross-breeding between the Miniature Pinscher and the French Bulldog.

They are extremely alert, loyal and intelligent dogs that can become your favourite dog companion.

  • If you wish for an active and playful dog to keep you company, then it is the right breed for you.
  • It is a domineering dog that loves physical activities to keep them busy.
  • They need strict training to weed out their stubborn streak effectively.
  • They are not as good as indoor dogs as they need space to play around to spend their energy.


Before buying any French Bulldog mix with other dog breeds, you need to understand their behaviour well. The dogs must adjust to your living conditions and schedule perfectly to give a joyful experience.

The French Bulldogs have a stubborn streak that is visible in all its crossbreeds but is also a loving companion.

All breeds follow a strict diet regime that you must follow correctly to ensure their health. Buy recommended dog food to ensure the safety and health of your beloved pets.

The French Bulldog Mix also requires regular vaccinations that will ward away diseases. Therefore, before buying your French Bulldog Mix, take necessary steps to check the health records as some may genetic disorders likely to cause financial strain from Veterinary and medical prescription fees.

Remember to enjoy the fun of having a French Bulldog Mix as a loving companion by opting for the right breed for you and your family to love and care for.

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French Bulldog Mix Breeds

Dogs serve as our companions. They can be your best friend who’s always by our side, and sometimes they are more than as a friend but a part of everyone’s family.

They can give you comfort when you crave for unconditional interaction with others. Having a dog can help decrease the human’s loneliness level as they easily sense and care for their buddy.

We have lots of dogs around the globe and have different breeds, sizes, colors, and more. But one thing they have in common is for being a good companion, a best friend.

If you are looking for one specific breed, we recommend French bulldog mix-breeds for you.

Getting To Know French Bulldog Mix Breeds

The French Bulldog has a bat-eared feature but is extraordinarily beautiful for its unique appeal. The origin of the French bulldog mix breeds is from the English Bulldog, bred initially to a bloody sport called the bull-baiting.

But this is no longer the case nowadays, and French bulldog origin is for bull-baiting. They are trained and bred to be strong and powerful, having a massive jaw and muscular body that are good to tear apart and fight enemies.

From the year 1800s, the English bullfighting has been bred and now a French Bulldog. This was when the bull-baiting was outlawed.

So, they began to breed the English Bulldog with other small breeds to create a little companion bulldog.

The breeding produced the toy bulldog brought to France due to the industrial revolution. The breed had become popular in France.

Characteristics of A French Bulldog Mix Breeds

  • Size

The French Bulldogs generally have a physical size of 11 to 12 inches tall. The male ones weigh 20 to 28 pounds, while the female one weighs 16 to 24 pounds.

  • Personality

The French Bulldog has a lovely personality, smart, and loves to spend time with people. Training them is easy.

  • Care

The French Bulldog doesn’t require a lot of exercises since they have a relatively low energy level. However, to keep them healthy, they should have a short daily exercise like walking or little playtime as long as they move around for a while.

Usually, French bulldogs love to play or spend time in different activities, however. They are good even in a short yard as to roam around because they have low energy.

The French Bulldog is susceptible to exhaustion from heat, so they must not be out during hot temperatures.

  • Feeding

Feeding the French Bulldog depends on the age, size, activity level, build, and metabolism your dog has. As recommended, the amount of food is 1 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dry food like the Royal Canin Breed Health Dry Dog Food. It must be divided into two meals a day.

  • Grooming and coat color

The coat color of the French Bulldog is a smooth, shiny, fine, and short. Its skin has a wrinkled and loose type, especially on its head and shoulders.

The French Bulldog also comes in different varieties of colors, cream, fawn, and shades of brindle.

It has a coat patterned with streaks and specks of dark and light marks. The French Bulldog comes in a variety of colors except for a light steely gray, solid reddish-brown, tan, white, and solid black.

It’s not hard to groom a French Bulldog. Brushing its coat to keep it healthy is not that required for daily but good as occasionally.

You should also check its ears, eyes, teeth for any bad smells, and or any discharges. It would also be easier if, at a young age, you have started already to teach them to stand on a table or so. You are teaching them to obey your orders.

How To Take Care of The French Bulldogs?

The characteristic of a French Bulldog is a great companion and lovable pet to have. There is also some risk of having this type of breeds.

Well, not all the species, but there are cases that they are targeted for various health complications.

With that, you will also need to get ready with the potential screenings, health screenings, artificial insemination, and possible expenses.

You should also clean its ears regularly, with the use of a warm damp cloth. You may use a cotton swab to clean the around edge of the canal.

If you notice that the edges of the canal are a bit dry, you can apply a baby oil carefully.

For the nails of the French Bulldog, it does not need to be trimmed regularly. But the facial wrinkles should be clean and dry always to prevent any infections.

The nose of the French Bulldog is also prone to the dry nose, and if not treated immediately, it can cause another problem.

Putting a moisturizer is advisable as to moisturize and smoothen it like the Blissful Dog Nose Butter.

French bulldog mix-breeds are lovely to have but are quite an expensive one. It is because of the increasing demand, the price for each would also go higher.

Not only as when you purchase one, but also the possible expenses that you should spend on the food and more. Just like we said earlier, these French bulldog mix-breeds are prone to diseases. But it will always depend on the owners on how we took care of them.

As a little advice, if you will have one, make sure that you take care of them as they do nothing but be our companion every day. They are making our day beautiful and lovely as they are lovable. With the love that they give to us, it’s only right that they should also receive love and care.

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