French Bulldog Harness or Collar

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French Bulldog Harness or Collar

French Bulldog Harness or Collar, Which One is Perfect for Your Frenchie?

Every pet owner wants to provide the pet with the best facilities so that it can feel comfortable, safe, and happy. Dogs are quite entertaining, loving, and the most loyal pet a man can get. Life becomes more entertaining and exciting when you own a pet like a cute French bulldog.

It can be confusing to pick between a harness and collar for a French bulldog. A variety of collars and harnesses are available in the market and that many choices make things more confusing. You can make the right decision by considering your pet’s breed, age, and habits. Continue reading to make a well-informed decision when choosing French bulldog harness or collar.

The right time to buy a collar for your Frenchie:

Pet owners usually think a collar is more comforting for pets, but that’s not true for every dog breed. However, every dog may not feel comfortable with a harness. Its touch can irritate some pets. Your dog may not be one of those Frenchies and therefore you can try it.

A harness is quite simple to put a leash. Many varieties are available in collars for French bulldogs. Some are also designed to make your pet look more stylish and appealing. Pet owners sometimes spend hundreds of dollars to buy a stylish and expensive collar for their loving pet.

On the other hand, it can be tough to train a dog with a collar. Dogs can be curious and they get excited as you take them out for a walk. Your dog may pull and try to run, which increases the risks of a neck injury. A French bulldog can also develop eye pressure due to collar!

You should avoid putting the collar on your pet if it runs and pulls when tied with a leash. Use the collar when your pet has learnt some commands and he follows those commands. Thus, the risks of neck injuries will be quite low. You can even put your pet’s name tag on the collar.

The right time to get a harness for your French bulldog:

A harness seems way better than a collar if you compare perks of collar and harness. It becomes much easier to train pets with a harness. They quickly learn following your commands because the leash is connected to the harness that does not put any pressure around the pet’s neck.

Sometimes pets can get annoying and cute puppies don’t follow anything you command. In such situations, you can use the harness and leash to control your pet’s motions. It will not cause any kind of injury.

A harness that fits perfectly around the shoulder/body is considered much better for small dog breeds like French bulldogs that are prone to a variety of respiratory health issues. That harness ensures your furry friend is healthy and feeling comfortable all the time. Your dog will never have choke-feeling if you are using a harness to control his actions.

Can you use both collar and harness?

A dog collar is an essential dog accessory that every pet owner must buy! Apply your dog’s name tag on it and then let your furry friend wear it proudly. You can use both collar and harness and both can be used simultaneously.

Should your Frenchie escape the house and get lost, it is a terrible situation for both pet and pet owners because our furry friends cannot tell anyone where do they live!

That collar and name tag can make it easy to find the lost dog. There are millions of pet lovers across the globe and also in your city to help reunite you with your lost pet.

Every pet owner tries his/her best to teach the pet the right behaviour. Dogs learn quickly if you use their favourite treats. However, even flawlessly trained dogs may escape out in certain conditions and then that collar makes it easy to find the lost pet. Modern dog collars are also equipped with a GPS tracking feature so that you can quickly find your pet. Therefore, it is an essential accessory for any pet.

You can easily put a harness on your pet with the collar. It does not go over their head and offers robust hooks to connect the leash. Controlling dogs’ motions become very easy when a harness is wrapped around their shoulders. You can hold the leash firmly and control your pet, even if he is pulling. It won’t cause any injury and you will be able to control your pet easily.

Finding the best dog collar and harness:

You will feel puzzled when you will see a huge collection of dog collars and harnesses designed specifically for French bulldogs. Don’t pick any ordinary collar for your pet because he belongs to a very special breed. Frenchies are brachycephalic type’s dogs. Such dogs need anti-choking collars.

The collar should be neck-friendly. Ensure the manufacturer has used high-quality fabric to build that collar. Collars made of real leather are great for French bulldogs because it won’t cause any kind of allergy.

The same thing applies to the harness. Know what material irritates your pet and do not buy a harness made of that material. Choose a harness that you can adjust easily to fit around your pet’s shoulders. Its hooks should be firmly secured so that your pet won’t escape if it is pulling away.

Pay special attention to personalized dog collars. You can buy dog collars equipped with name tags. That name tag will play a crucial role if your dog is lost and you are searching for him everywhere around the city.

Final thoughts:

Both dog collar and harness have some perks, but dog collars can cause neck injuries. You should use both, but avoid tying leash to your dog’s collar. Always use the harness when taking your dog on a walk. Your pet will feel comfortable and he will behave like an obedient pooch!


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