Brindle French Bulldog Essentials

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The term, Brindle in the Brindle French Bulldog refers to a brownish or dull yellowish-brown (tawny) colour. Created in England to be a miniature dog, the French Bulldog is perhaps one of the best dogs to have as a companion. Despite the sad expression, the French Bulldog is entertaining, comical, and dependable.

Having a tough outside expression and a sweet inside demeanour, the French bulldog has not only gained a lot of popularity but is also fast becoming the dog of choice irrespective of whether you are staying in an apartment or on a farm. While most are friendly with everyone some are quite reserved and others might hunt small animals and rodents.

Brindle French Bulldog


One of the best things about these dogs is that they can make a very good companion. Whether you are around or not, the French bulldog will just do well. Although they are not good at barking they are able to alert you if there are animals or people encroaching on your property. As extremely friendly dogs, if well trained, they will accept strangers without any problem.

Essential Consideration

If you are considering getting a Brindle French Bulldog, here are some of the things that you need to get concerned about:

Health problems:- They often present with breathing difficulties. As such advisable to protect them from hot weather and heatstroke. Apart from these, they might also suffer from eye diseases, skin disorders, joint diseases, and heart diseases.

Their sound:- Since they have a short face, Frenchies can snuffle, snort, grunt, wheeze and even snore loudly. While these can be endearing to you, they can be nerve-wracking with other people.

Flatulence:- When they eat, they usually gulp a lot of air that can lead to flatulence.

Slobbering:- Some of them with heavy loose lips usually slobber when they drink water. More so, they may drool.

Housebreaking:- It can take you a long time to housebreak.

Stubbornness:- As compared to other dog breeds, they can be manipulative and stubborn. Such traits are corrected with consistency during training.

How to take care of your brindle French Bulldog


Depending on the size of your dog, it’s important to feed the dog on the right formula for their needs. Many companies now offer specific food for dogs depending on their sizes.

As a small dog, the French bulldog usually has a lifespan of about 11 years. Although you can choose what to feed them, it’s recommended that you work with your Breeder or Veterinarian to determine the best diet and the frequency of feeding.

You also need to remember that dogs are individuals hence just like people, they don’t require the same amount of food. This means if your dog is highly active,  it is likely to need more food.

The quality and the type of food that you buy will also make a huge difference. The more nutritious the food is the better. While feeding your dog you also need to ensure that fresh, clean water is available. This will ensure that your dog remains healthy and strong.


Brindle French Bulldog has a short, shiny, smooth skin that comes in a variety of colours including cream, fawn, various shades of brindle. Unlike other dogs, they normally require proper grooming and regular bathing.

As the owner of this lively dog, you can decide to bathe him as frequently as every week or take up to 6 months depending on your choice. With their smooth, coated, skin, you need to bathe your French Bulldog regularly so as to maintain a healthy coat and skin.

In addition, if you want to achieve optimal results, choose the correct dog
grooming products suitable for their skin type and coat colour.

Before bathing, it’s advisable to go over the body with a dryer to loosen the dander or dirt and remove any loose coat. Once you’ve chosen the right dog grooming products, it’s time to bath. When bathing, you need to pay attention to the facial area. Remember, any wrinkles on the face may harbour bacteria. You can, therefore, use a facial scrub to help you maintain good hygiene.

Apart from bathing, you also need to trim their fast-growing nails with a grinder or nail clipper so as to avoid cracking, splitting, and any overgrowth.

You should also carefully examine the bat ears to prevent a build-up of debris or wax which can lead to infection. Do not forget to regularly brush their teeth.

How to exercise your French Bulldog

One of the things about Frenchies is that they rarely bark hence you won’t have to worry about your dog disturbing the neighbours. However, you can always rely on them to alert you in case there is any danger around that needs your attention.

Although they enjoy a brief outdoor romp and short walks, you should not exercise them during hot humid days because of their short noses. During the warmer weather, you should keep them in cool rooms.

Taking care of their health

It’s advisable that you provide them with routine vaccinations, regular checkups, heartworm preventions and intestinal parasites. More so, whenever your Frenchie appear overheated and distressed, consult a Vet immediately. Overall as compared to other dogs, they need a lot of care.

Quick facts about the brindle French Bulldog

  • French Bulldogs have their roots in England and not in France as the breed name may suggest.
  • They can’t swim because of their short stature.
  • They are talkative.
  • Most of them are produced through artificial insemination.
  • They make the best training students.
  • They usually snort, grunt, and snore a lot.
  • They should not weigh more than 28 pounds
  • They require minimal exercise.


If you are looking for a great companion that needs very little care then a Brindle French Bulldog is the best option. However, before picking the one, you need to be very careful about their body stature and physical limitations. By doing this, you will not only be rewarded with a great dog but also one of the best playful and friendly companion.

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