15 Best Travel Accessories for Pets

In this article, I am presenting the Best Travel Accessories for Pets. From one pet owner to another, I know how tough it can be to travel with your pet or pets.

I have an adorable French bulldog and she is wonderful. But, she can also be a handful whenever I have to travel with her.

Even with the extra challenge of caring, I still love going to different places with her. She especially loves the beach so we try to go there as often as we can.

I’ve travelled with her on so many occasions and we experienced so much. You too can have a great travelling experience with your own pet.

I’m sharing with you all my tips and the different Best Travel Accessories for Pets under £250 (about $300) so you can bring with you to make travelling hassle-free.

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Pet Accessories for Safe Travels

Safety is always a concern when travelling with pets. When travelling by plane, for example, your pet is not sitting beside you and has to be placed in a pet holder for safekeeping in the air cargo. This makes perfect sense and by the way, is an aviation requirement so you really must comply.

When travelling by car, it also makes sense for you to secure your pet inside the car for safety and protection in case of an accident. Here are some best travel accessories useful for pet safety when travelling:

  1. EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness: Most pets are not familiar with riding in moving vehicles so they sometimes lose their balance while the car is moving. Keep them from tumbling around in the back seat with this simple dog harness. This product is made with durable weave material so that your pet is not able to chew on it easily. The harness is also padded for the comfort of your pet while travelling.
  2. LED Dog Collar USB rechargeable for Pet Safety at Night: This LED collar can be used for other pets like cats too. The LED lights up at night so cars can see your pets even when it’s dark. You never know when your pet will suddenly run out into the street when he sees something that catches his attention. A collar that lights up like this helps vehicle drivers see ‘runaway’ pets easily. The product is great for when pets get lost at night as the LED light can easily help their owners find them in the dark.
  3. Pressure Mount Easy Fit Security Gate: This lightweight security gate, works great if you are staying at an Airbnb somewhere that is not pet-friendly. Keep your furry friends in the house while you sleep to ensure that they don’t get out and get lost. It is adjustable so it can fit most doors. It’s also lightweight so you really aren’t adding to much weight. You can get the adjustable gate here.

Fun Pet Accessories

Just like humans, pets have different ways of having fun. There are also different accessories available to help you and your pet bond through these various fun activities.

Toys are great ways to entertain your pet. The right toy can also help your pet exercise and keep your pet fit and healthy. Some of these toy accessories include:

  1. Niustyle Dog Ball Toys for Pet Tooth Cleaning/Chewing/Playing: This is a toy and treats giver in one. The spaces in between the rubber chew toy can be filled with small treats that your pet gets (the more he plays with the toy). Even if you throw the ball away, the treats will stay put. The soft plastic won’t hurt your pet’s teeth or gums.
  2. Pet Fit for Life Teaser and Exerciser For Cat and Kitten: Cats and kittens love playing with small colourful items like these. Watch as your pet scramble up and down to get the feather or the mouse toy. The variety of cat toys will surely entertain you and your cat for hours. The different colours and shapes will surely catch your cat’s eye. The wand and the lengthy cord make it easy to wave the feather or toy around your cat so that it can move in bigger circles. The wand is made of strong material so that even if your cat pulls on it, it won’t break easily.
  3. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball: Similar to the first item, this is a treat dispenser toy. This plastic ball is sturdier than the first so even if your pet tries to chew on it, it won’t change its shape or become deformed. The treat comes out of the ball the more your pet rolls it around. This is a great way to entertain your pet and at the same time to feed him. The clear portion of the plastic ball shows you how much treat is left inside the ball so you’ll know when to replenish it. The treat ball is available here:

Pet Accessories for Feeding

All those fun activities can be tiring. It can make both you and your pet hungry. When pets travel, they sometimes feel wary of their surroundings.

Make them feel right at home by bringing their favourite chow bowl or drinking bottle with you. Make sure to bring their favourite treats as well.

Don’t assume that all places carry the same pet food. Some places don’t carry the brand that your pet likes to eat. Make sure to bring enough for the duration of your vacation.

Here are some feeding accessories that are functional and look great too:

  1. Vittles Vault Gamma TRAVEL Trainer: This pet food holder has a double purpose. It doubles as a container and at the same time as a feeding bowl for your pets. Use this as a container to keep your pet’s food fresh. Remember, Pet food, just like any other food can spoil. Keeping them in this container will keep them from spoiling sooner. When you open the container, the top half can be used as a feeding bowl for when you travel. Once your pet is done eating, just wash the top half, dry it, and screw it back on. Get yours here:
  2. Small Dog Bowls and Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl for small dogs and cats: Pets tend to spill and scatter food scattered all over the floor and they can usually topple over their feeding bowls. This is why a non-skid bowl silicone stand is a must-have for pets. This feeding bowl with silicone stand will ensure that your pet won’t be able to flip over his or her bowl before, during, or after eating. The silicone clings to the floor so the bowl won’t move as much. The result is an easy to clean space even when you are travelling.
  3. Petmate Pet Waterer: Don’t you just hate it when your pet starts drinking from the toilet bowl? It’s yucky but try not to be too hard on them. You know it’s disgusting but they don’t. All they see is water. They’re thirsty so they drink water from the nearest available source. Avoid these instances from happening and invest in a pet water dispenser. Get the water dispenser here.

Pet Carry Accessories

  1. Ruff Maxx Kennel: The Ruff Maxx Kennel has various sizes that can fit pets that weight 10 to 20 pounds. It has carry handles and door pool barriers that keep pets safely tucked in. So, whether you plan on bringing along your small Yorkie or big pets like my very own French bulldog, you can still fit them in this pet holder. It allows air to get inside the cage so your pet can breathe easily. It is easy to clean too. Get your Ruff Maxx Kennel here:
  2. Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy: This pet carrier lets you carry your pets in it and at the same time use it as a pet house. Designed for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies, the bag can work as a temporary home while you are out travelling with your pet. There is no need to lug their pet bed around. This double-duty carrier bag has a two-way expansion feature to accommodate your pet while they sleep. It’s also very stylish.  The mesh top allows you to see what your pet is doing and at the same time let the breeze in so your pet won’t feel hot. Get the Pet carrier here:
  3. Carrier Sling for Small Dogs and Cats (reversible tote): This one is a simple version of a pet carrier. You just sling the bag over your shoulders and place your small dog or cat in and you’re good to go. The small size of this bag means it can fit inside your own bag for easy use anytime. The bag is reversible and machine washable so you can just easily put it in the wash after use. Your pet will never feel agitated anymore while he or she is travelling because this bag feels like you are swaddling your pet. He sits close to your body, which could feel reassuring. The Carrier sling is available here:

Pet Grooming on the Go

Grooming is an important part of pet care. This should not stop even when you travel. Your pet needs the same tender loving care that he gets from you at home to continue even when you are out of the house. This helps him adjust to his surroundings and keep his routine.

Keep your pet clean and neatly groomed with these handy best travel accessories:

  1. Paws and Pals Natural Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner: This 2-in-1 shampoo made with natural aloe, jojoba, and coconut oils to keep your pets clean, helps keep your pets smelling fresh and clean while you are on vacation. The huge 20oz bottle means more suds (soapy water) for your pal. It won’t irritate or harm your pet’s skin. You can find this useful dog shampoo here:
  2. Melissa and Doug Feeding and Grooming Pet Care Play Set: These feeding and grooming set includes food for your pets, chow bowls, toys, and a grooming kit. Take them with you on your next travel and keep your pets looking clean. Get this bright coloured playset here:
  3. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove: Pet shedding hair in your house is one thing, pet shedding hair inside your rented house or room that you’ll be using for the next 3 weeks is another. Keep your room clean with this pet grooming glove. It helps get rid of the hair while giving your pet a soothing combing. Your pet will love how this wonderful glove feels on his fur.

Pets are great companions both at home and while you travel.

Like humans, they have needs that their owners (that’s you!) have to take care of.

These travel essentials are easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Pack your Best Travel Accessories for Pets and have a great adventure!

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