7 Basic Differences Between French Bulldog vs Pug

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Could you tell the difference between the French Bulldog vs Pug? Are you a Frenchie or Pug Lover? How well do you know your French Bulldog from your Pug?

french bulldog vs pug

Now, let’s test your general knowledge on this subject with some basic questions and see how well you know your French Bulldog from your Pug.

Q1. Which of these dog breeds have curly tails and floppy ears?

Q2. Which of these dog breeds have short straight tails and large pointed ears?

Q3. I don’t come in solid black?

Q4. I don’t come in brindle shades?

Q5. I am comparatively taller and solidly built? Am I a French Bulldog or a Pug?

Q6. I have narrow, sloping hips? Am I a French Bulldog or a Pug?

Q7. What is the mix between the French Bulldog and a Pug called?

French Bulldog vs Pug Answers

As you probably already know, the French Bulldog and the Pug are both small companion dogs.

Both have short snout characteristic of brachycephalic dog breeds.

Physiologically, these breeds do not adjust well to air temperature fluctuations during flights so you may discover that several airlines are predisposed not to accept them as air cargo due to the potential risk of breathing difficulties during air travel, especially with hot weather conditions.

[1] Origin:

  • French Bulldogs originated in France. Although their ancestry goes back to England from around 1950AD.
  • Whereas, Pugs are from China around 206BC; imported into Europe from the 16th Century onwards.

[2] Coat:

  • Both have a short coat with loose wrinkled skin.
  • The French Bulldog has fine, short and smooth fur whilst the Pug have thicker and slightly coarser fur.
  • Incidentally, both breeds do shed but the Pugs shed significantly more than the French Bulldogs do.

[3] Colours:

  • The French Bulldog colours included Fawn, White and Brindle; usually, with the same colour all over or with the odd splash of white or another colour.
  • The French Bulldog does not come in solid black. However, some French Bulldogs in lighter colours can have a darker mask.
  • Conversely, the Pugs usually come in all black on their faces which mean that other than Fawn with a black mask, one would not expect to spot a Frenchie and a Pug in the same shades.

[4] Tail:

  • The French Bulldog has a short straight tail while the Pug has an obvious curl to their tails.

[5] Ears:

  • French Bulldog’s ears are large, triangular and upright while the Pugs have smaller floppy ears.

[6] Height:

  • Frenchies tend to be around 30cm (about 12 inches) high at the withers for both males and females while Pugs vary between 30 to 35cm (about 12 to 14 inches) tall.

[7] Weight:

  • French Bulldogs can weigh up to 12.5 kg (about 28 pounds) for males and 11kg for females while Pugs weigh around 8kg (about 20 pounds).

[8] Build:

  • The French Bulldog has a fairly muscular appearance in comparison to the Pug that is more rounded around the edges.
  • French Bulldogs tend to be stockier and heavier on average than the Pug.

[9] Temperament:

  • Owners find the French Bulldog to be loving and affectionate dogs.
  • French Bulldogs enjoys playing in the park with other dogs.
  • French Bulldogs like the odd game of catch but are less interested in getting into mischief and looking for trouble in comparison to the Pug; affectionately referred to as the comedians of the dog world.
  • Pugs like to snuggle. They love cuddles and a show of affection towards them.
  • Pugs are funny, entertaining and provide hours of amusement to their owners.
  • The French Bulldog is easily distracted and tends to be more laid back than the more active, energetic and livelier Pugs.
  • The French Bulldog is normally the quieter of the two dog breeds and barks significantly less than Pugs. For example, a strange noise from outside or neighbours walking up the stairs is likely to provoke a bark from the pug.

[10] Lifespan:

  • Pugs have a longer lifespan than the French Bulldogs.
  • On average, the Pugs live to about 12 to 15 years compared to 8 to 14 years for the French Bulldogs.

[11] Health issues:

  • Pugs are predisposed to various eye diseases.
  • French Bulldogs are predisposed to back problems.
  • Pugs do not drool in comparison to the French Bulldog.
  • Both are sensitive to anaesthesia.
  • Both suffer from breathing problems and often snore at night or whilst napping during the day.
  • Pugs often suffer from obesity and low heat tolerance.
  • French Bulldogs also become overheated easily.

[12] 5 Common Health Issues for the French Bulldog

  • Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome
  • Cleft Palate
  • Elongated Soft Palate
  • Intervertebral Disk Disease
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease

[13] 15 Common Health Issues for the Pug

  • Cheyletiella Dermatitis
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Demodectic Mange
  • Distichiasis
  • Dry Eye
  • Entropion
  • Epilepsy
  • Legg-Perthes Disease
  • Nerve Degeneration
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Proptosis
  • Pug Dog Encephalitis
  • Staph Infection
  • Vaccination Sensitivity
  • Yeast Infection

Finally, thank you for reading this article on French Bulldog vs Pug to the end.

Hope you have found this content informative.

Now, in case you thought I forgot, the French Bulldog vs Pug mix is called the French Pug, or Frug. Go figure 😍

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